Flash-Back: Johnny Polecat the Game

I’m going to gradually repost some of my classic flash cartoons (when I can find them) But this one is more recent, and shows off a bit more of the “world” of Johnny Polecat. I made this sometime early last year I believe, and harbors some of my better skills in animation, storytelling and design since its so recent. Make sure to follow the jump to view the flash in its entirety.

I’m not at all savvy when it comes to programming but I made due with what I had. The scripting is FREAKISHLY simplistic but might have taken more strategy to accomplish then it should have. Therefore, a lot of average gameplay is missing, but it still works well for a sample. The game cuts off and restarts once you finish (you’ll find out) due to placement of a “cut-scene” afterwards that I never got to.

Overall, though this is my SECOND attempt at a Johnny Polecat game, I would like to try again with a more clear-cut introduction to the storyline with characters and voiceover, and perhaps with the help of someone more qualified for flash programming. Only time will tell. But anyway, enjoy the game.

6 responses to “Flash-Back: Johnny Polecat the Game”

  1. Sage Freehaven

    25th Feb, 10

    Love the animation; really nice work on that. I’d love to see a completed version of this someday!

  2. shadow martin

    25th Feb, 10

    Impressive, I’d like to play the completed one some time in the future. Must have taken quite some time to code. Wish i could do some thing like that.

  3. NekoStar

    26th Feb, 10

    yeah this game always amazed be every time I play. Very cool so far, and if you ever finish it, or ned beta testers, i’m here for ya. XD

  4. Crazeh

    27th Feb, 10

    AWESOME. Can’t wait to see a completed one c: The animation’s great.

  5. JediAnn Solo

    17th Feb, 11

    Wow, I can’t believe it’s been A YEAR and I didn’t notice this until now. I LOVED your original flash for Johnny Polecat. So much, that every time I played it, I would still click that key in vain, even though I knew it was unobtainable. I gotta say– that made picking up the key in this version SO much more satisfying. :D Can’t wait to see the full version someday…!

  6. D-Boy Wheeler

    15th Apr, 11

    Maybe if you did bring this up… I always thought that Mary Ann could be the “save point”. Maybe she dresses up as an angel, and if you don’t want to save, she still heals you up (she kisses Johnny on his forehead). If you do save, she hugs you and wraps her angel wings around you to heal AND save your progress.