Volt Man shows up in Ariga’s Rockman Gigamix Vol. 2

You have no idea how excited I was when I purchased the newest Gigamix volume and saw that Ariga picked one of the designs I sent in. Volt Man is clearly shown riding along side a gaggle of other entrants’ robots. A few months back, Hitoshi Ariga held an opportunity for artists to submit their robot designs to use in a portion of the new Gigamix storyline, and I feel like a lucky Gaijin right now as I was one of the many entrants that were lucky enough to have their creations featured in the book (even if its only for a one shot deal.) The original design and image I sent in is on the lower right of the image above.

Ariga is one of my all time favorite artists from Japan and certainly an icon I look up to for his Rockman books, so you can tell how giddy and excited I was to spot this.

When taking off the cover slip, I noticed that the inside also held some extra secrets. Here you can see he printed my submission for RadioMan.

6 responses to “Volt Man shows up in Ariga’s Rockman Gigamix Vol. 2”

  1. Matty K

    7th Mar, 10

    8D holy wow, that’s like totally awesome how your design was put in!

  2. Sage Freehaven

    7th Mar, 10

    Congrats on the honor. :D

  3. Aaron G

    7th Mar, 10

    Nice! Congratulations on that!
    RadioMan design looks cool too.


  4. Sankam

    7th Mar, 10

    Excellent. It’s an exciting feeling!

    I think Volt Man is one of the best electric-super designs I’ve seen. (Certainly better than daisy-head Electro!)

  5. Alex D.

    7th Mar, 10

    Congratulations, AWD!

  6. ErikJDurwoodII

    8th Mar, 10

    It’s good to see a well-grounded character design like that one.

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