Mega Man 10 – Collaboration Act

I was given the pleasure of working with Tabby of MegaManNetwork on the latest contest piece for MM10 Collaborations Project. Our piece was finally uncovered via along with an evolution of our entrants over the past eight/nine weeks of the MM10 contests. I find it funny how this showed up on April Fools Day, hah!

Tabby and I split up our portions, five on each side. I did the inks, she did the colors and it turned out beautifully in my opinion. The contest will be judged by Capcom of America AND Japan staff. Good luck!

3 responses to “Mega Man 10 – Collaboration Act”

  1. Aaron G

    1st Apr, 10

    cool! which one’s did you do? the only one whose style i recognize is the one on the far left as yours. everything else…can’t tell.

  2. Alpha621

    5th Apr, 10

    Nice =) ! I don’t recognize where the green Megaman design comes from though :0 .

  3. TurboMan

    18th Aug, 13

    @Alpha621 The Green one’s from Captain N The Game Master