Sneak Peak – Mystic Lairs

Just a little sneak preview on what I’m working on at the moment. I love to just freely ink without worries. It helps to add more details at times.

9 responses to “Sneak Peak – Mystic Lairs”

  1. Alex D.

    10th Apr, 10


    That looks awesome.And reminds me of Jeff Smith”s work.

    What did you ink with?

  2. Aaron G

    10th Apr, 10

    Whoa! This is gonna look awesome in color!

  3. NekoStar

    10th Apr, 10

    Wicked cool! :D When this is colored, my eyes will explode! :I
    …Just a forewarning so you can get your raincoats.

  4. slipgate_ranger

    11th Apr, 10

    Hm, I never knew you were into sword and sorcery Andy.

    Looks cool though, keep it up.

  5. CMB

    12th Apr, 10

    I believe a quote from Tristain from Yu-Gi-Oh the abridged series sets my feelings right.

    ” HOLY *beep* ON A *beep* SANDWICH!”

    This is great Andy, I’m excited to see what you’re working on. If it’s a game, I’m gonna literally starve for a week to get it ^^

  6. VirusHunter

    14th Apr, 10

    Looks like you cured your case of art block.

  7. That Guy

    16th Apr, 10

    XD That dragon is amazing. But for some reason it really sticks out to me when compared to the furry warrior people. Like it’s just bursting onto the scene saying “FUCK YOU! I’M A DRAGON!!!”

  8. AWD!

    16th Apr, 10

    Well think about it, when you saw a Dungeons and Dragons box cover, what stuck out the most?

  9. That Guy

    16th Apr, 10

    @ AWD: D: …..Touche.