Human Swain(?)

I’m up WAY way too late tonight but I thought about experimenting a bit with the thought of a human Swain “Swirly” Jenkins. Obviously the young, peppy gamer girl look does her justice. You may see more of human Swain in the future, not to say that our lovable skunkette won’t still be around. She’d kill me!

4 responses to “Human Swain(?)”

  1. Aaron G

    16th Apr, 10

    So is this like a different form where human and anthro Swain meet and it feels awkward for the both of them?

  2. AWD!

    16th Apr, 10

    @ Aaron G I’m actually thinking ahead about treating it as an alternate universe sort of thing, where the anthro Swirly is actually her video game avatar. But it’s all up for debate right now. I was just playing with the idea

  3. Matty K

    16th Apr, 10

    Total love!

  4. That Guy

    16th Apr, 10

    The idea reminds me of .Hack, and since there’s actual animal people there it could actually fit.