Cartoon Corner – Marty Murphy Interview

Marty Murphy was an animator for UPN among other productions and was also a cartoonist for Playboy Magazine. I had the privileged of meeting with Marphy Murphy a few years ago until recently when he died in late 2009. He was a great man and I figured I would share the interview my friends Karl Toerge and Gary Conrad (ConTor Productions) made with him in 2002. The interview is a five part series of videos on YouTube and will hopefully be the first among many interviews with wonderful artists involved in animation history.

View Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

1 response to “Cartoon Corner – Marty Murphy Interview”

  1. Judy Kaenel

    14th May, 10

    Thanks for this kind intro on my Uncle Marty. He is much missed by all of us here and we are so grateful to Karl but letting him live on through these interviews. Judy