Amassed from the Past – 1995

Yep, that’s me and my folks. I found a Disneyland Hotel newsletter that held information about my 3rd place in Clean Air Month Children’s Poster Contest for age 10-13. At around this time I was really into my art, and my parents tried to get me into all sorts of contests like this. They were fun (but the ceremonies were boring, I just remember that…) The actual prize is framed back home with a ribbon on the image.

And yep, that’s Happy Face. You can’t see it too clearly but he’s painting the smog world with “clean air paint”… You know, all that liberal BS and whatever. Now all I do is drink oil and fart smoke like any normal adult should.

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  1. Snowwe

    17th May, 10

    THat’s so neat and you’re so cute! My parents use to have me do drawing contests and everything like that, wasn’t till Highschool when I was like 16 that I ever won anything. I won first prize for an acryllic painting and 3rd prize for the oil painting and I got 16$ and 2 ribbond. Was at the fair though, nothing newspaper worthy lol

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