You don’t know who Lupo is but enjoy this fanart

I did this piece REALLY fast after coming back home from my moms place. I was only able to find ONE comic of this series, but it was enough for me to remember those comics I would actually get as a gift in the airplane on the way to Germany.

Fix und Foxi is a german comic book series created by Rolf Kauka (whom I doubt at the time I was enjoying the books did the art, but I love the artist who did, very cartoony and reminds me a lot of the Disney comics still being made by some great Italian artists.) The whole book and characters give you that Woody Woodpecker/Disney hybrid style that I love about classic cartoon looks.

As I did this piece real quick and looked at the comic, I thought “Why… why are there no good cartoon characters like this anymore?”

Ugh, if I go into it, I’ll turn into a big rant and rave about cartoons today and I don’t want to do that, instead, enjoy this fan piece of Lupo! I hope to find more stuff about Fix & Foxi and get back that nostalgic feeling again.

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  1. Alex D.

    16th May, 10

    Man, cartoons aren’t what they used to be…if only there was someone with a whole lot of cartoon ideas and cool characters to help make things better.

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