Animation Legends – Bob Givens

This is a recorded session with the great animation layout artist Robert “Bob” Givens, who has worked at several studios throughout animation history with other artists such as Tex Avery, Chuck Jones and even Walt Disney. Here he recollects and talks about his times and experiences in the industry and it’s both riveting and informative. Anyone interested in animation and its history should take a look.

The recording itself is rather bad however, my camera has terrible video and audio capturing and it doesn’t help that I forgot my stand, so I’ve been holding it the whole hour and a half. Please excuse the poor quality and just enjoy this wonderful opportunity.

Special Thanks to Karl Toerge, Gary Conrad and Nickelodeon for allowing me the opportunity to record this moment.

2 responses to “Animation Legends – Bob Givens”

  1. VirusHunter

    27th Aug, 10

    I think my instructor may be very interested to see this, he’s a big animation history buff.

  2. DarylT

    27th Aug, 10

    Tgis is so great. Thanks for putting it up. Where did you film it?