Animated Anarchy – Bubsy

The first of what I hope will be a continuing series where “The Artist” tackles many many very… “off” cartoons.

In this episode, The Artist tackles a little bit of dark Saturday Morning past known as The Bubsy the Bobcat cartoon, based off the video game series of the same name… Seriously though, what could POSSIBLY go wrong?

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  1. Mailman

    31st Jan, 11

    “What could possibly go wrong?”

    After seeing Bubsy, I think the answer to that question is “Lots.”

  2. Mailman

    31st Jan, 11

    I enjoyed the review. Are you going to review other cartoons like this?

  3. Brandon Bey

    31st Jan, 11

    I’m glad i never saw this growing up, I probably would have launched my game boy at the tv if i’d ever seen this pilot. I mean, give the viewers some credit. we may have been kids but we had brains enough to know what was crap and what wasn’t. Well at least Sonic SatAM was a decent game based saturday morning cartoon, even if you had to wake up early as all hell to see it

  4. joe

    31st Jan, 11

    thank god were past that crap, to think what would have happened if it gotten the green light? well i can’t wait to see what else did or didn’t make it to a series.

  5. Mike E.

    31st Jan, 11

    I remember watching this pilot back in my animation class because we had a character model sheet of Bubsy the cat posted up on the wall. For some odd reason I would always think of “EEK the Cat” when I think of Bubsy. However, Eek was 10 million times better than that crap, and I was partial to Eek when it came to the feline cartoons.

  6. Mezurya

    31st Jan, 11

    I was brought here through DeviantArt, and I can honestly say that this review was… pretty damn good ^^

    I used to play Bubsy on the Genesis back in the day, damn game was impossible (at least for me). Oh, and at the very end. If you continue this, you HAVE to do Megaman. I will love you forever. KUNG FU CUT MAN!

  7. Hironemo

    31st Jan, 11

    Oh Christ… This cat needs a dose of Ritalin.
    I have never heard of this show, at that, there seem to have been a few 90′s cartoons that weren’t brought to my attention until my late teen years (e.g. the Zelda cartoon). Was Steven Spielberg some kind of quality cartoon vampire? Where his material was so masterful that virtually “sucked out” the good ideas from most of the other wacky cartoons?

    And let me guess, he has a favorite food too, right? I remember that being a quality of many 90′s toons.

  8. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jim Bevan and Andrew Dickman, Callum Johnston. Callum Johnston said: .@AWDtwit delves into the world of Bubsy, the craziest cat he ever drew. [...]

  9. Jonn

    31st Jan, 11

    I thought it sounded like Tom Kenny, not Paulsen.

  10. AWD!

    31st Jan, 11

  11. sonicchica

    1st Feb, 11

    Good episode! I’m curious what are the drawings on you drawing table?

  12. Angel

    1st Feb, 11

    man, this show was stupid…it made Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog look like The Godfather. But at least it’s existence ensured the creation of this awesome review. Also, I actually did like the first 2 games on genesis, but the poor little kitty DID NOT stand the test of time.

    Oh come on, Megaman was good! There was also Sonic Satam, Earthworm Jim, and…the rest were kinda low tier…

  13. A more truthfull comment

    1st Feb, 11

    OMG this review did nothing but insult Bubsy he was one of the most underrated cartoon on earth!! and one of the best pilets to ever be made. A cant belive a fat butter ball like your self can sit back and tell eveyboty what they should think about bubsy. Ill admite he wasent the best game ever made but hes certinlly one of the best video game characters ever made!! PS. Your a good artiste but i diddent like this revew.

  14. AWD!

    2nd Feb, 11

    This is the most hilarious comment I’ve ever gotten so far. Well done, sir XD

  15. Aaron G

    2nd Feb, 11

    As an apology for watching you go through that terrible review, please enjoy this intro from a cartoon I never watched but am assured is quite popular.

  16. Dave

    3rd Feb, 11

    I actually remember playing the game on my SNES back in the day.

    Great review. Looking forward to next time!

    P.S.: What the hell is up with that Mega Man cartoon? So laaaaammmmee.

  17. sirjubjub

    5th Feb, 11

    Hey Andrew! gotta say I love the new show! any plans to pitch it to TGWTG? I think you’d fit right in! consitering you’ve been helping out other contributers there for a while now, might as well have your own show on there. I think with you and CR there you’d have an awesome combo for all animation! Btw, been a huge fan of yours from DA for years.
    Keep up the awsome work, both with this show and your art!

  18. Bob

    20th Feb, 11

    Just started watching and had to pause after your, “maybe not wearing pants” comment to say:


    (I was was also eating…)

  19. AWD!

    20th Feb, 11

    Probably good I didn’t stand up then ;)

  20. QuetzaDrake

    2nd Mar, 11

    (Crossposting comment from the page.)


    If Bubsy had to look up the villains’ phone number in the phone book in order to call them and trick them into giving them their address… wouldn’t… wouldn’t the phone book have their address in it already?? :s

  21. ThePsychoticFinn

    9th Feb, 12

    Oh Tress MacNeille, Jim Cummings, Pat Fraley, B J Ward and Neil Ross… What did they do to you?!!

  22. Brian Kennedy

    10th Jun, 12

    What could possible go wrong? The 1st episode of this show that’s what.

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