Animated Anarchy – Felix Saves Christmas

The Animated Anarchy Christmas Special! In a non-Christmas Carol way, The Artist is visted by three spirits and ventures into the dreaded past, present and future of Felix saving a fat red man.

14 responses to “Animated Anarchy – Felix Saves Christmas”

  1. AirmanKJE

    12th Dec, 11

    Very funny! :)

  2. Cristiona

    12th Dec, 11

    Wow. Everything about this just screams “cheap”.

    Poor blending of CG and hand drawn animation? Check.
    Exceptionally. Stilted. Dialogue. With. Bizarre. Stops? Check.
    Half drawn backgrounds? Check.
    Blocky outer lines? Check.

    Those last to really stand out to me. I understand the half drawn backgrounds like in the early bookshelf scene where only books Felix interacted with were actually drawn, it’s just being cheap and lazy. But I have no idea why cheap animation uses such heavy black lines to outline all their art, but they always seem to.

    Also, holy Hell, but Poindexter’s voice actor was one of the worst I’ve ever heard. He couldn’t even manage “Christmas” without halting and stumbling. Microsoft Sam sounds more natural.

  3. QuetzaDrake

    12th Dec, 11

    Yesssssss. Thought you’d quit to just be everyone’s title card artist (also regular job as an artist), good to see another one.

    Worst thing to me was Felix’s voice, man was that a droning slow uninteresting mess. Also loved that bit after the credits, I always suspected there was some foul play behind the scenes when NC reviewed stuff you already did!

  4. Sai

    12th Dec, 11

    Saw this on Phelous’ site. I’m glad you’ve started this up again! I love your insights on animated features.

    Augh, the voices and delivery are so awful. Puns are not jokes, movie. And if you can’t even have a snappy delivery for them don’t bother!

  5. JediAnn Solo

    13th Dec, 11

    So glad to see you back making AA, Andrew. Keep it up!

  6. Justin Heins

    13th Dec, 11

    Awesome video, Andrew! I saw this on Phelous’ website and came over here to watch your previous installments and loved them all. You have a knack for timing and have some great one-liners and observations in these specials, so I really hope that you continue to put out more of these.

  7. DBslayer7

    13th Dec, 11

    Since you asked Andrew I’ll give you a brief reason of why Felix cartoons hate New Jersey. The creator of Felix Lived in New Jersey. Mystery solved. Love your artwork, maybe you and Chad Rocco should collaborate since your both artists on the site, and have interests in animation.

  8. Michael J. Ruocco

    14th Dec, 11

    I have a story about this special. One of my animation teachers at SVA storyboarded on this. He showed me some of the boards he was working on when I visited his class a few years ago, of the title sequence. Looking at just the boards themselves, it looked okay. Nothing spectacular, but it looked a hell of a lot better than how the final product ended up, with the bad voices, horrible timing, etc.

    I asked him how he got the job, and he said it was a freelance gig. Most of the core production was freelanced out all over the country. And he only received a script for the sequence(s) he was assigned to board, not the film as a whole, so he had absolutely no clue what else happened around the sections he boarded, leading up or following it. The job paid really poorly, and there was barely any guidance from the people above, but it was a little bit of extra money coming in for him.

  9. AWD!

    14th Dec, 11

    That’s how most animation jobs go these days. I kind of wonder how much of the production or script he was given outside of his own section. Either way, I hope he got paid, lol

  10. Rock Martin

    17th Dec, 11

    19:03-They used the wrong “your/you’re” in “But your crazy if you do”. Wow, and I thought Felix’s voice acting was bad in this special.

    Also, the pot-shot at Adventure Time…meh, I don’t really watch Adventure Time either…though, at least Adventure Time has SOME appeal(which is why it’s Emmy-nominated), unlike this special.

  11. Bob

    23rd Dec, 11

    When was this abortion of animation made anyway? It couldn’t have been within ten years of the first could it?

    And WTF was that cheese/banana thing that danced on the wing then jumped over the CG plane at the very end?

  12. Tsuku

    4th Feb, 12

    To bored to leave a well thought out clever comment

  13. bobynoxr

    12th Apr, 12

    As an artist, I felt the broad outlines on all the characters was a bit jarring. That and the incredibly slow pace that Poindexter talked in; I felt that I could finish his thought five minutes before he could every time he opened his mouth.
    I loved your use of the Scooby Doo song from the Creeper episode. That was my favorite one, and much better than the piece of crap you had to review. My sympathies.
    WTF was that at the end?!

  14. Angel

    19th Dec, 12

    dear god…I didn’t think I’d ever see something that makes the Sonic Christmas special look good by comparison…