Animated Anarchy – Evil Toons

The Artist ends up in a strange new land filled with strange people such as Phelous. The unfortunate news is, he has to review a weird horror movie that features animated characters… Or is that really what it’s all about?

9 responses to “Animated Anarchy – Evil Toons”

  1. Taylor

    26th Jan, 12

    Awesome job as always Andrew. I was thinking of reviewing this someday but you and Phelous have done a perfect job at reviewing it I really don’t need to now.

  2. Stanton

    26th Jan, 12

    It’s like a crappy imitation of “Terror Toons”

    For a while, I thought this was a review of “Terror Toons,” but, I was wrong.
    I don’t know whether I should be happy or disappointed.

  3. Eyz

    26th Jan, 12

    Oh man… I actually remember this one :P
    And trying to watch it/catch it on TV whenever, as a kid.
    Good times…

  4. DustOmega

    1st Feb, 12

    I loved your cameos guys!

  5. Sam "Fokkusu"

    2nd Feb, 12

    Never heard of “Evil Toons” before; maybe that’s a good thing? XD But now I kinda want to see it…
    I do like “Cool World” though… but only for the soundtrack, animation, and utterly bizarre background designs. The story itself has no rhyme, reason, or even much enthusiasm. :/ I feel bad that Bakshi’s script was rewritten behind his back.

  6. Patchwork

    3rd Feb, 12

    I’m pretty happy to say I’ve never seen this movie before! I remember watching you cameo in one of Phelous’s videos a while back and I thought to myself, “Why doesn’t this guy do a show? He has an AMAZING energy!” You have no idea how happy I was to find out you are making your own videos! Keep it up! I’ve already watch all of your Animated Anarchy videos and I’m dying for more! =D

  7. Zack

    7th Feb, 12

    I actually stumbled onto your artwork years ago, thought it was pretty cool, and I never knew you actually started doing the title cards for Phelous’ stuff, well I know where you’ve been since than, so there’s that, very good episode, might start watching your back-log because the show honestly intrigues me.

  8. Lai-Lai

    19th Feb, 12

    You don’t get a lot of comments, but the polls suggest you’ve got 325 viewers who wish you made episodes a little more often..

  9. Lai-Lai

    2nd Apr, 12

    I come here every month hoping you’ll do another review. Don’t leave me hanging XD