Toy Nostalgia Part 1

As I delve deeply into my quest of regaining my pride as a Mega Man enthusiast, looking to gather as much as I can to fill my collection, I found myself venturing back to my parents’ home, where my mother enthusiastically complied to me rummaging through the shed of my old toy collection and organizing the PLETHORA of 80′s and 90′s toys. I found myself taking a few home as, both for nostalgia and collective purposes. I figure (figure, get it?… nevermind) it’d be fun to share a bit of these items with you. Care to take a peek?

"Leave no stone unturned gentlemen, this is a serious mystery"

Ah yes, toy nostalgia… It’s funny, as a kid I NEVER thought I actually had this many toys… The range of toys is from Ninja Turtles, Earthworm Jim, Ghostbusters, and TONS of McDonalds collections etc etc etc… Speaking of, Remember Sonic? You know, back when he was cool? Back when the worst thing about him were the tv shows? Well…

It's funny to note that Dr. Robotnik design was thrown about so much during its time

McDonalds had tons of PRRRRUH-MOTIONS! for several tv lines INCLUDING video game franchises. Sonic inparticular was a big deal, what with Sonic 3 being HEAVILY advertised. With the inclusion of Knuckles in the mix (who, by the way, never showed up in the shows…) it was a bit of a big deal that these (after The Super Mario 3 toyline) were part of the Happy Meal thing. Well… not to mention… they’re cheap as hell… The fries were probably the best thing about the Happy Meal for me as a kid, but even then, I was an OCD collector and I had to have ALL of them.

But yeah… I got rid of these. I’m not the big Sonic person I once thought I would be anymore. And this is coming from someone who might actually still have some of the old Archie comics lying around somewhere… blehck… the boxes can keep ‘em.

Oh, and Tails’ launcher is missing, I couldn’t find it. It’s also funny to note that Carls Jr. of all places, also had a Sonic the Hedgehog toyline… but as you can see by the Knuckles viewfinder… it wasn’t all that great. At least the McDonalds Knuckles could spin around furiously while moving in a straight line. While we’re on the subject…

"It's-a meeee... Broken-o!"

Yeah, that’s right, even Mario got into the McDonald’s thing. Super Mario Bros. 3 was also notorious for it’s HUGE advertising, so it was no surprise it got its own McDonald’s toy line. The Goomba I have doesn’t stick anymore… and the spring broke on the “spring launching” Mario on the right. And yeah… The Koopa Paratroopa… well… He no longer has that pump to make him bounce.

Though that one on the left?… I don’t think that’s part of the McDonalds line… I actually think that was something I found somewhere else… If you can spot where it’s from, let me know.

K.B. Toys how I miss you

My dad, who worked at the Disneyland Hotel, would always bring home these tiny, plastic, collectible figurines of Disney characters. There were literally HUNDREDS of these, and most of them I still have back home. I think the whole “Smurf” figurine line might have sparked this craze… as it took hold of almost everything. Even Mario! When I saw these at K.B.Toys, I had to have them. I loved Mario stuff, heck, I even had those Valiant comics… which I regret losing. I was shocked I found these. As well as…

Dr. Light clearly wants no part of this

Okay… you saw this coming. Yes, despite my severe disdain for the show, I too had these. Though not by choice. I remember getting these as a birthday present, and I could never find the rest (even though I wasn’t too into the show, I did want the toys) yes… NO WHERE! But I at least had these. Shame, I can’t at all spark witty phrases like “Kung-fu Cutman!” or “I’m going to make paper dolls out of you” seeing as… you know… I’m missing four of this set. Needless to say… I AM looking for Mega Man stuff so… if you’re willing to part with the rest, I’d love to have them.

"Don't mind us, we're just here being awesome, that's all"

I literally squealed like a freaking girl when I dug into a box only to find THESE… My missing treasures I figured I had all tossed, needlessly into the garbage when I was a teenager. Given they all are dusty as all hell and probably look a dive into the bleach, but really, I feel complete… Well, all except for…

"Anyone else filled with an overwhelming sense of regret?"

I DID have Vile (Vava MKII) in the mix… yet, this is the only remaining part of him… I think HE might have been the victim of my carelessness as a child. Shame… He was one of my favorites… Yet… They were ALL my favorites. But I’m still shocked that most of these are still so stable AND poseable. If anything, I thought the first thing to go was their stickers. Not the best things for a model kit, but hey, they’re still there, and that counts for something.

The only problem is I never was able to find Sword Man’s right shoulder pad… and perhaps in the near future I will seek out these toys once again to complete my collection.

*sigh* "It's just not the same..."

Lastly in my “to keep” collection. Two of my favorite Disney characters of the time, oddly enough, voiced by the same guy. (Well, technically in terms of the tv show, but I’m still big on the Robin Williams original)

"Hey pal! Gimme four! I need to pay my bills"

The Genie from Aladdin and Megavolt from Darkwing Duck. Interesting how Playmates made a line of toys, yet Megavolt was possibly the ONLY appealing one of the group. Despite the fact that he can’t even hold the friggin’ gun and lightning bolt that came with him.

"How the hell do GUNS WORK?!?"

Admittedly, the figures do have flaws. The Genie is VERY rubbery and they’re both very difficult to pose outside of their normal look without them falling over constantly. Megavolt in particular has this weird habit of falling over face first if he bends forward too much. Which probably explains the tears on his nose. The sparking feature on his chest also no longer works, but I’m not surprised. It was only a matter of time anyway. It’s funny to think that now that kind of stuff can’t even get on the shelf in fear of creating fires.

The Genie’s head also pops off to flip, so you can make him either smile, or smile wider… Which is odd. But hey, he comes with the lamp, and that’s good enough for me.

Hey, I hope you had fun looking at my collection of stuff I found so far, and I might share some more once I find them. So come back again sometime. I might even share my Z-bots collection.~AWD!

"Johnny 5 is ALIVE in copyright violation!"

6 responses to “Toy Nostalgia Part 1”

  1. Runic

    21st Feb, 12

    Ah memories. I have a few of these myself! Mostly Sonic, Mario and Mega Man toys!
    But here. I just took a photo of some figures I could find. I know I have a duplicate of Mega Man but I couldn’t find him.

  2. AWD!

    21st Feb, 12

    I have my doubts you’d give those up… ^^;; right?

  3. Dekupride

    22nd Feb, 12

    Wow, as I recall, that Bomb Man figure was first-run only–keep hold of that!

    I remember the Sonic ones myself, but I don’t think I’ve got any left….ah well, such is the fate of Happy Meal toys…

  4. Quanisha Lewis

    24th Feb, 12

    Actually Knuckles was in the often maligned Sonic Underground TV show. He shows up in the later part though. Anyway I’m glad you found these toys. Sometimes looking back on things is nice but sad as well. My toys are in storage save for a lone teddy bear I received from a nurse when I was six years old and had Excema. I named her Linda after the nurse. She had a ribbon but that was lost. I kept her in good condition as a reminder of how much the gift meant to me.

  5. Stephen Greer

    15th Apr, 12

    I want your tomy camera, his name is Zoom. Look up “where the toys come from” to see why. Intersting look at toys being made from disney.

  6. AWD!

    16th Apr, 12

    Awesome, I knew he was made by TOMY, but I gave him to a friend who wanted it. sorry buddy.