A Mega Man Schmorgesborg

Oh, it’s from Swain! Naw, just kidding, it’s M. Sipher. Thanks buddy!

Imagine my excitement when a package arrived today from a certain M. Sipher, filled with Mega Man stuff I’ve been waiting to get my grubby mits on for a long time now. But what exactly is in this here box? Well, let’s take a look:

Cat provided for size comparison

So hey, this the box that I dreamed of… tons of Mega Man stuff. Considering lately I’ve been in a huge Mega Man collection craze, I’ve actually managed to find a full load of Mega Man games, and it’s near completion. However, I still hunger for the stuff… Anything I can get my mits in. So, as I open this, I’m already drooling with happiness.

ARRR!! Me treasure!

Now, at first it may not look impressive, but this is just the opening. Rockman 8 pins (my second favorite in the series) a Mega Man 6 promotional poster which I assume was used in gaming aisles at toy stores and etc.

You asking for a challenge?

First, the posters, though not a terrific game, I love me posters, so Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge is still fun, and within that was a print of M. Siphers collage of Mega Man characters I believe he draw awhile back. Thanks =)

You got your street fighter in my Mega Man!

THESE, are quite a treat… they’re classic Capcom calendars, chock full of classic Capcom goodness… Why am I excited about these?… Have you seen Capcom lately? These are true treasures, I’m not going to lie.

Give a Rush a bone

If I can get a gaggle of japanese toys that are Mega Man based… I am one happy freakin’ camper… these plastic ziploc bags are filled to the brim with those awesome toys that I have to say are the prize of this collection. I’ve also NEVER seen that Mega Man and Rush plastic piggy bank. Which there are two of. The other one being Mega Man sliding. Also, KOBUN TOYS!!! YAY!!! Servbots!

“Miss Tron?! Where are we?”

Speaking of, here they are. Servbot plushies and the other piggy bank.


That, my friends, is a PET, obviously the US release, but still, that’s awesome.

Mega Man will put his face on anything…

Though I would say this is at the bottom of the barrel, I am still happy to get these little oddities. The Mega Man “cars” which is basically Capcom’s limp-wristed way of trying to put Mega Man on anything (but they didn’t want to spend a lot of money about it) Which brings us toooooo…


Jazwares… Man I hate this company… But honestly, it’s still very nice that I was given these. Of course… a lot need to be fixed. Legs and limbs are broken, many of which still connected are very weak . Ugh… Jazwares… Why the hell did you exist?… But in all fairness if they didn’t do something, no one would have. I still thank M. Sipher for them, after all, he was giving them to me free of charge, haha. Now… If only I could find the Mega Man tv show figures again, I’d be REALLY…. impressed?

Big Man on campus(es)

While Jazwares is a bane on video game merchandise, these larger scaled action figures are pretty impressive for what they are.

…And the rest

More fun misc stuff. Additional pieces, puzzles, weirdness. Obviously that Mega Man X on the top is a counterfeit. But it’s MY counterfeit =)

I’m simply glowing!

And then as a finale, some little miniature figures. I know they don’t glow in the dark. *sighs* ^_^ but I’m walkin’ on air… Hey wait a sec, where the hell am I gonna put all this? o_O

The 99 Percent

And so, we finish our little venture into my new treasure. It’s all going into a display case (once I find one) and I’d like to thank M. Sipher TREMENDOUSLY for his contribution to my collection. Here’s hoping it won’t stop =) Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to give all this “padding” to a landfill.

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  1. Met

    19th Jun, 12


  2. Adam Butterline

    29th Apr, 13

    Hey i just wanted to know if i cn buy a few of those the rockman x 4 candy figuers

    2.4th armor
    i cannot afford to buy anything off ebay because is so much and i wanna find something for my brother he has been a megaman fan ever scince he was 4

  3. Adam Butterline

    29th Apr, 13

    i can also do trades i have a big collection myself alot of the bandai models and other stuff

  4. Adam Butterline

    8th Jul, 13

    neato??????? i can send 45.00 if you want